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Employment Opportunities

Research Engineer II

Migma is looking for highly motivated research engineers to join our R&D department. The candidates will be responsible for conducting advanced researches in signal processing, image processing, dynamic system modeling and estimation, machine learning and statistical pattern recognition. The candidates will also participate in the development of products for federal government, military and industry in general. In this position, in addition to R&D activities, the candidates are expected to initiate independent research in promising areas and involved in proposal writing. A successful candidate will have a strong analytical background, good programming experience (Matlab, C/C++) and interpersonal skills. (JOB CODE: RE-ENG-II)


  • Ph.D. in Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Statistics
  • Strong desire to apply research to create world class products  
  • Extensive publications in both journals and conferences
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills


Full-Time Marketing/Sales

Migma is looking for a highly motivated professional to join its marketing and sales department. The candidate must be outgoing, friendly and can work alone as well as part of a team. The responsibilities will be developing business leads, making customer contacts, building strategic alliance with customers, exploring new business opportunities. A successful candidate will have strong marketing and sales experiences with certain background in video surveillance applications. The candidate should have a strong sales background, strong desire to bring products to the market, self-management as well as team working skills, and excellent written and verbal communication skills. Candidates are welcome to submit resumes for potential interviews. (JOB CODE: SALES)



  • Strong sales and Marketing background
  • Self-management as well as team working skills  
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong desire to bring products to the market


Research Engineer


Job Description

 Responsible for conducting advanced research in signals and image processing, dynamic system modeling and estimation, machine learning, statistical pattern recognition, and artificial intelligence.  Specifically, the position involves: applying specialized knowledge to analyze complex problems and identifying the most appropriate machine learning and artificial intelligence principles and techniques to solve them; participating in the design and development of hardware and software platforms required to integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions; developing, training, testing, and validation protocols to evaluate and improve performance on intelligent systems;  participating in the integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence modules into existing projects and products; creating efficient C and Java applications to support the development of competitive products; creating innovative signal and image processing algorithms; developing, implementing and evaluating signal and image processing algorithms to solve specific problems; using Matlab to develop and evaluate innovative algorithms to solve specific problems involving signals and image processing, machine learning, and automatic pattern recognition; creating and evaluating efficient algorithms for data acquisition and visualization; using dynamic system modeling and estimation to develop advanced mathematical and statistical models and simulations; applying advanced knowledge on modeling techniques, tools, and principles to create innovative image processing and  machine learning algorithms; designing algorithms based on control theory and estimation to optimize parameters configuration in dynamical systems; designing and implementing data analysis protocols to facilitate development of optimal solutions to specific problems; and using advanced statistical principles and methodologies to design efficient automatic recognition systems.


Required Skills

Must have PhD in computer engineering or applied computational mathematics or a related field and two years of experience in the job offered or two years of research experience working on innovative techniques for image processing, machine learning, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence, including experience creating mathematical models of complex systems, and proficiency in Matlab, C & Java. 


Send resume by mail only to:  Bo Ling, President and CEO, Migma Systems, Inc., 1600 Providence Highway, Walpole, MA  02081. 






Migma Systems, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.




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