An Online Pump Diagnosis and Prognosis System


It is crucial that your pump is always running as efficiently as possible.  A pump laboring under the handicap of a suction line air leak, or clogged impeller uses unnecessary energy to complete the job.  It also stresses parts of the pump, which will shorten the life of the pump and can cause premature failure.  EquipTutamenTM is an online pump diagnosis and prognosis system that will eliminate unexpected failures before it happens.


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Product Features

Patented cluster trending technology for reliable monitoring
Accurate failure indicator and alarm management
Estimation of equipment performance degradation index

Capable of processing data with missing data segments
Capable of processing a number of contact points

Monitoring multiple pumping systems simultaneously
Highly secured computer network via domain separation
Highly secured wireless network via authentication
Seamless integration with existing enterprise systems
Email and text message notification of alerts
Remote configuration and monitoring
Lower cost per contact point





Tutamen means protection in Latin.  As the name implies, EquipTutamenTM protects your valuable pumping system and provides a better way to manage your business assets.  Through monitoring the operating conditions 24/7, system performance can be effectively maintained. 


EquipTutamenTM can continuously monitor pumps, and their accessories through various non-intrusive sensors.  This is especially critical when monitoring the status of older pump systems.  EquipTutamenTM detects irregularities of the sensing signals and reports the various levels of severity of faults from warning to fatal.  Earlier detection can effectively prevent unscheduled shutdown.  Therefore maintenance cost can be dramatically reduced and system reliability can be improved. 


In the current product offering, sensors are installed at pumps.  Various pumps in different locations can all be networked through robust wireless communication and alerts can be sent via emails and text messages.  A sophisticated GUI can be use to configure and monitor the system.  All operational data will be archived in a central database.

What equipment can we monitor?

Any types of pumps, and their accessories in your facility. EquipTutamenTM is powered by our patented technology that is totally data driven both for diagnosis and prognosis.


What types of sensors can we use?

Any sensors, as long as they provide good diagnostic information. If your pump does not have sensors installed, our engineers will install them at the right locations within the pumping system.

What do we offer in our product?

Rugged industrial PC with embedded monitoring algorithms
Sensing system with wireless capabilities
User-friendly GUI compatible with Windows 98, 2000,  XP,

Secured wired and wireless network
Remote troubleshooting and technical support




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