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  Natural Gas Leak Remote Detection



In the US natural gas transport system, the underground piping includes approximately 400,000 miles of transmission pipelines and 1.4 million miles of distribution piping, while above-ground piping is located mainly at about 750 gas processing plants and some 3000 compressor stations. These pipelines are often disrupted by leaks. Regulatory pressure is increasing to inspect transmission lines more frequently. Remote gas leak survey is a proactive way to prevent unnecessary loss of human life resulted from natural gas leaks. Since the existing active detection system is too expensive and passive detection system is less reliable, we have developed a spectroscopic system that utilizes the sunlight to detect the methane within 850-950 nm wavelength range. Being able to detect methane within this range is significant, which makes it possible to dramatically reduce the system cost associated with an expensive sensing instrument, an expensive laser device, and complex and costly system operations. This system utilizes our patented technology to reliably calculate the spectral absorbance during different time of a day under various weather conditions. This is achieved by applying a pattern matching technique using a set of normalized light intensity profiles estimated from vacuum scanning.



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