Our technologies are developed for real-time challenging applications found in
industries. As we constantly explore latest technologies, we can now offer the following advanced technologies for Federal Government and industrial companies:


     dynamic system modeling
     robust optimal control
     signal processing
     artificial neural networks
     adaptive fuzzy logic
     genetic algorithms
     intelligent machine learning
     statistical pattern recognition 
     statistical decision/inference
     failure diagnostics/prognostics
     intelligent data mining
     multi-sensor data fusion
     remote sensing and monitoring
     intelligent web services


Our advanced technologies can be used in different applications including:

       sensor/actuator failure detection
       process nonlinear optimal control
       process monitoring and diagnostics
       advanced military defense system
       agent based communication system
       pharmaceutical drug discovery
       clinical real-time data management
       cancer patient's Quality of Life assessment
       DNA sequencing
       hybrid medical data sharing systems

As this list continues to expand, we invite you to come back again in the near future for the new and exciting technologies developed at Migma Systems.



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