MigmaMidblock for Pedestrian Detection


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MigmaMidblockTM offers advanced features for pedestrian detection at midblocks and street intersections.


      Analytical video cueing and 3D pattern recognition

      Pedestrian detection at both day and night
      Work under any weather conditions
      Remotely configurable pedestrian detection zone

      Interface with flasher and traffic controller         

      Small size suitable for pole mount cabinet

      Easy to install and maintain

      Superior detection performance with very low false calls




installed at a signalized midblock
(~ 5 minutes)






MigmaMidblockTM is a sophisticated pedestrian detector bundled with


      High resolution IR LED stereo camera for day and night

      High performance single board computer (SBC)

      Relay with output voltage from 12 - 24 VDC

      Pedestrian detection algorithms using stereo vision analysis

      Java-based engineering configurator through remote access




TM is designed to meet the traffic engineering requirements for pedestrian detections in outdoor environment. Built-in IR LEDs are turned on under low illumination for night time pedestrian detection.

      Image Sensor - 1/3" Sony CCD Chip
  Camera Mounting Height - 10 ~ 15 ft
      Camera Horizontal Resolution - 540 TV lines
      Detection Zone Size  - 8 x 5 ~ 12 x 8 (ft)
     Activation Time - 1 ~ 5 s (adjustable)  
      IR Range - 100 ft (~30 m) in total darkness 
     S/N Ratio - 48 dB  
      Cable - RG59 coax video and power
      Operating Temperature - -4 F ~ 140 F (-20 C ~ 60 C)
      Operating Humidity - 0% ~ 96%
      Power Requirement - 110 VAC and 12 VDC
      Operating Environment  - All weather, day and night


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